A Little at a Time
(Preparation: if you have the large size Legos, put a label saying “Jesus” on the first block.
Keep the label to the back, out of view of the children until it’s time to turn it around.)

I have something in the bag here that I’m sure you’ll recognize. (Take one piece out of the bag.)
What is it? Right! A Lego. It’s one of the most popular toys ever invented. Just about everybody
knows what Legos are.

It’s amazing what some people can make out of Legos. Cars, trucks, airplanes, helicopters,
buildings – you name it, someone can build it out of Legos. But the thing about Legos is, no
matter what you build, no matter how big it is, you can only build it one block at a time. That’s
right, one by one by one.

As Christians, we’ve given our hearts to the Lord. But giving your heart to the Lord is only the
beginning. Part of our job as Christians is to learn more about the Lord and about His ways.
And just like building with Legos, you don’t do it all at once: you do it one piece at a time.

Here’s what the Bible says in Isaiah chapter 28, verse 10: “For precept must be upon
precept…line upon line…here a little, there a little.”
(KJV) When you learn something in a
Children’s Sermon…
(Put a second piece onto the first Lego.)…there’s another piece. When you
learn something from Pastor Bill’s sermon…(Put on another piece)…there’s another piece.
When your Mom or your Dad teaches you something from the Bible…
(Put on another piece)
…there’s another piece. And piece by piece our knowledge of the Lord grows bigger and bigger.

So, that’s how we build up our knowledge of the Lord: one piece at a time. And, of course, it’s all
based on one thing…
(Turn Lego around to show “Jesus”.)…Jesus!

Let’s pray: Father in heaven, we want to know more about You and we want to know more about
Your Son, Jesus. Help our knowledge and wisdom to grow and grow and grow. In Jesus’ name
we pray. Amen.
Building our knowledge little by little
"For precept must be upon precept...line upon line...
here a little, there a little."  Isaiah 28:10
Four Lego™ pieces in a bag
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