The Advent Candles
(Have the children gather in front of the Advent Wreath.) Today we’re going to talk about this
display. Do you know what this is called? It's called the Advent Wreath. As you can see it's
shaped like a wreath, but what about that word, “Advent”? Do you know what that refers to?
When we say “Advent” we’re talking about the four weeks that lead up to Christmas.

There are four candles around the wreath. Each week we light one of those candles. That
leaves the big candle in the middle. It has a special name. Do you know what it’s called? It's
called the Christ Candle. We light that on Christmas Eve.

But there's something else I'd like us to think about: when we light these small candles, we
don't use a match. We don’t use a lighter. We light them by using that white candle there. In
other words, we use one candle to light another.

And you know, God uses Christians that way, too. The Bible says that we “shine as lights to
the world”, and when we show God’s love in our lives we pass that light on to other people
and light up their lives. It’s like we’re taking our candle and lighting theirs.

So maybe we can all think of that each time we see one of these candles being lit. But right
now let's pray: Father in heaven, thank You for loving us so much You sent us Your Son,
Jesus. Help us to pass on that love by lighting up other people’s lives. We ask this in Jesus’
holy name. Amen.
Christians light up other people's lives
" shine as lights to the world." Phillipians 2:15b
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