Are You Thirsty?
There was a man named Pete McDuff who lived near the desert. He didn't own much. Just the
little shack that he lived in and an old mule named Bessie.

One day Pete decided to go out into the desert to look for gold, so he loaded up all his
equipment on Bessie – his shovel and his pick, some food and especially a big canteen of
water - and they headed on out. They walked for miles and miles, and after a while Pete
discovered he was lost. He sat down on a rock to think about what to do, and while he was
sitting there, a rattlesnake scared Bessie and she took off for parts unknown – with all Pete’s
equipment, including his shovel, his pick, his food and his big canteen of water. Now not only
was he lost, he also had no water!

Pete wandered around the desert for days. It was very hot. It was very dry. Pete got so thirsty
he didn't care about gold any more. He only wanted one thing. What do you think it was?  
(Show bottle of water.) Pete would have given everything he had in the whole world for a
drink of nice, cool water.

When God made our bodies, He made them to need water. Without water we wouldn't be able
to live. We’d shrivel up and die! But did you know your soul can be thirsty, too?  Not for water,
but for something else. King David tells us what it is in Psalm 42, verse 2. He says, “My soul
thirsts for God.”

You see, our bodies are made to be thirsty for water; and our souls are made to be thirsty for
the Lord. In other words, we're made to need a close relationship with God. And the way that
we quench that thirst is by praying, studying the Bible and by spending time with other people
who have a close relationship with the Lord - like our church family here.

Someone came along and gave Pete a drink of water and it saved his life. God wants to give
your soul a drink, too. He gives us what the Bible calls “the water of life”. But it's a funny thing
about water: water doesn't do any good if you don't drink it!

Let’s pray about that: Father in heaven, like King David, our souls thirst for You. Please help
us to quench that thirst by drawing closer to You each and every day. We thank You and we
praise You always in the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.
Thirsting for the Lord
"My soul thirsts for the Lord" Psalm 42:2
A bottle of water
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