Can't Get In Without a Key
I want to show you my keys this morning. Like most people, I have them on a ring. This one’s the
key to my house…This one’s the key to my car...This one opens the door to our basement…And
this one opens the cabinet here at church where the microphones are kept.

I don’t have many keys, but some people have lots and lots of keys on their key ring. In fact, some
people think the more keys they have on their key ring, the more important they are. I don’t think
that's really so, but they think so.

Keys are pretty important things. For instance, if I lost the key to my house, I wouldn't be able to get
in. Or if you locked your bicycle in the garage and lost the key, you wouldn't be able to ride it any
more. And, of course, without a key, your Mom or Dad couldn't drive the car to get you to school or to

So keys are pretty important. And the most important keys of all are found in the book of Matthew. In
chapter 16, verse 19 Jesus said to his disciples, ‘I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven.”

Wow! How would you like to have the keys to the kingdom of heaven? Well, Jesus gives the keys to
the kingdom of heaven to his disciples. Do you know what a disciple is? It’s a follower of Jesus.
Are you a follower of Jesus? Then you will receive the keys of the kingdom of heaven.

Lets thank God for that: Heavenly Father, thank you for giving us your son, Jesus. We look forward
to the day when he will give us the keys to your kingdom. We thank you in his holy name. Amen

Song: "When We All Get to Heaven"
Jesus gives us the keys of heaven
"I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven."
Matthew 16:19
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