Drifting Away
Stay connected to the Rock
"My God [is] the Rock in whom I take refuge."
Psalm 94:22b
Have you ever been fishing? Did you fish standing from the shore or did you fish from a boat?
Well, today I’d like to tell you about the time that Dennis went fishing.

Dennis loved to go fishing, and his favorite place to fish was in the river near his home. There
was a place in the river where it got very wide and the water moved very slowly. Dennis would
take his little boat down to that spot and put it into the water. He’d load all his fishing gear into
the boat, and then he’d row out onto the river. Now there was a rock in the river not far from the
shore, and Dennis would take a rope and tie his boat to that rock to keep his boat from drifting
away. Then he’d put a worm on his hook, cast out into the river and wait for the fish to bite.

Well on this particular day the fish didn’t seem to be biting. A couple of hours went by without
even a nibble. Dennis got bored and fell asleep. While he was asleep, the rope somehow got
untied from the boat, so the boat started drifting downstream. It drifted slowly at first, but the
further downstream it went, the faster it went. Faster and faster!

Just as the boat was approaching the rapids – where there were lots of big rocks in the river –
Dennis woke up. Right then the boat hit a big rock and turned completely upside down. Dennis
hung onto the inside of the boat and rode it downstream until it finally got caught on a sandbar.

As you can imagine, Dennis learned a valuable lesson that day. He learned to always make
sure his boat was tied tightly to that rock. He didn’t ever want to drift away again.

We Christians can learn something from that, too. The Bible tells us that we have a rock that
we need to stay connected to. Psalm 94 says, “My God [is] the rock in whom I take refuge.” We
need to stay connected to the Lord, or else we may drift away – just like Dennis did. And Paul
tells us exactly how to stay connected to the Lord. He says, ‘Pray continuously.” We need to
pray every day to keep connected to our Rock, the Lord.

In fact, let’s pray now: Father God, we don’t ever want to drift away from You. So please help us
to remember to pray every day so that we can stay connected to You, our Rock and our
salvation. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.
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