Fishing Backwards
Have you ever been fishing? There’s a story in the Bible about a man who went fishing backwards!
Instead of him catching a fish, the fish caught him!

You’ve heard the story about Jonah and the big fish, right? (Note: the Bible says “fish”, not “whale.”)
God told Jonah to go to the city of Nineveh and preach to the people there. But instead of obeying
God, Jonah ran away and boarded a ship that was sailing to Tarshish.

So God caused a storm that was so big, the ship was about to break into pieces. When the sailors
found out that it was because of Jonah that God sent the storm, they threw Jonah overboard.

As soon as they threw him overboard, the storm calmed down and the ship was saved. But let’s
read Jonah 1:17 to see what happened next. It says, “The Lord provided a big fish to swallow up
Jonah, and Jonah was inside the fish three days and three nights.”

He tried to run away and hide from God, but do you think you can hide from God? No! God is
everywhere, so wherever you run to, He’s already there! Fortunately, God caused the big fish to
release Jonah, and He told Jonah a second time to go and preach to Nineveh. This time Jonah
obeyed, and because of Jonah’s preaching, Nineveh was saved from being destroyed.

So when God asks you to do something – whether it’s a special task like Jonah’s or simply obeying
His word - it’s a whole lot easier to do it than it is to try to run away and avoid it. You don’t want God
to have to ask you twice – and you don’t want to go fishing backwards!

Let's pray: Heavenly Father, please give us hearts to obey you and not try to run away from what you
want us to do.In Jesus' name we pray. Amen.

Song: “Have Thine Own Way, Lord” or “Yes, Lord, Yes”
You can't run away from God
The Book of Jonah
A fishing rod (optional)
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