Henrietta Hen
(Mothers' Day)
Fred used to own a small farm and he had some animals on his farm. He had some pigs, a
goat, a cow, two dogs and lots of stray cats. And out behind the barn he had a little chicken
coop where he kept a few chickens. They'd lay eggs every day, and Fred and his family would
eat them for breakfast.

One day Fred was in the barn milking the cow when he heard a terrible ruckus coming from
the chicken coop. Bawk! Bawk! He looked out back and discovered that the chicken coop was
on fire. So he ran to get the hose and began putting out the fire. Meanwhile, all the chickens
were running out of the chicken coop.

After the fire was out, Fred counted his chickens and noticed that one was missing. Her name
was Henrietta. When Fred looked in the burned-out chicken coop, there was Henrietta sitting in
her usual place. The tips of her feathers were all burned, and she looked terrible.

Fred said to Henrietta, “Why didn't you run away like all the other chickens?” That's when he
heard it: “Peep, peep. Peep, peep.” Henrietta stood up, and there underneath her was a little
baby chick. Henrietta had risked her life to protect her baby.

That's what mothers do. Mothers do everything they can for their children. They protect them,
they feed them, they clothe them, and they teach them. They do a lot for us, don’t they?

The Bible says, “Honor your father and your mother.” (Ex. 20:12) There's no way we could ever
pay back our mothers for all they do, but we can honor them. We can do that by obeying them
and treating them with respect. And do you know one of the best ways you can honor your
Mom? Say to her, “I love you, Mom.” She'll like that!

Let's pray: Father in Heaven, thank you for our Moms and for all they do for us. Help us to obey
them, help us to appreciate them more, and help us to love them. In Jesus’ name we pray.
Appreciating our mothers
"Honor your father and your mother." Exodus 20:12
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