I Know What You're Thinking!
Boys and girls, you know what this is, right? A stethoscope. The Doctor uses it to listen to your heart
and to your lungs. But did you know there’s another really cool thing you can use it for? You can use
it to hear what people are thinking! That’s right. Let me show you. I want you all to think of some of
your favorite things, and I’ll put the stethoscope to your forehead and listen to what you’re thinking.

OK, who’s first?
 (Put stethoscope to first child’s forehead.) One of your favorite things is…ice cream!
(Move to second child.) One of your favorite things is…pizza!  (Next child.) One of your
favorite things is…candy!
(To a girl:) You’re thinking about…boys??!! Just kidding. (“Read” each
child’s mind.)

Well, boys and girls, do you think you can really tell what someone is thinking with a stethoscope?
Of course not! There’s only one person who ever lived that can actually read people’s minds. Let
me read you Luke 5:22: “Jesus knew what they were thinking.” In fact there are at least five places
in the Bible that tell us that Jesus knew what people were thinking.

So Jesus knows exactly what we’re thinking. Sometimes that’s a good thing. I mean if we’re
thinking good and Godly thoughts Jesus will hear them and be proud of us. But what about when
our thoughts aren’t so good? What if we’re thinking something mean about one of the kids at
school or about our parents or about our brother or sister? Do you think he’s proud of us when he
hears those thoughts? I don’t think so.

Well, if we don’t want Jesus to hear our bad thoughts, what can we do? We can replace the bad
thoughts with good thoughts! We can think good thoughts about other people instead of bad

Sometimes that can be very hard. So I think that’s something we should pray about: Our Father, we
want all of our thoughts to be pleasing to you and to your Son, Jesus. But that’s so hard to do. So
we pray you’ll help us to replace the bad thoughts we have with Godly thoughts – thoughts that are
guided by your Holy Spirit. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

Song: “Change My Heart, O God”
Jesus knows our every thought
"Jesus knew what they were thinking" Luke 5:22 (NIV)
A stethoscope (a toy one will do)
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