Joseph Wasn't Alone
There was a man in the Bible named Jacob who had 12 sons. That’s a big family isn't it?

One of Jacob’s sons was named Joseph, and Joseph was Jacob’s favorite son. Jacob loved
Joseph more than all the other sons. Of course, this made all the other sons very jealous, so
they did some terrible things to Joseph. They threw him into a deep well so he couldn't get out.
Then they sold Joseph to be a slave in Egypt. Then they went home and told Jacob that Joseph
had been killed by a wild animal. Of course, that was a big fat lie!

They thought that would be the end of Joseph and that they’d never see him again. But there
was something very important that they didn't know. We can read it in Genesis, chapter 39,
verse 2. It says, “The Lord was with Joseph.” You see, Joseph wasn't alone in that well. God was
with him. Joseph wasn't alone when he was sold into slavery in Egypt. God was with him.

Joseph’s story does have a happy ending. After many trials, God blessed Joseph and made
him prosper. In fact, Joseph was eventually put in charge of the whole land of Egypt. All
because God was with him.

And, you know, if you’ve given your heart to the Lord, God is with you, too. You can be confident
that when you have trials, God is there, too. And you can be confident that, like Joseph, your
story will have a happy ending, too – in God’s kingdom.

Let’s pray: Heavenly Father, thank you for being with us when we have trials. Sometimes we can’
t see You because we’re too blinded by our trial, but we know You’re there. We look forward to
our happy ending in Your soon-coming kingdom. We thank you in the name of Your Son, Jesus
who made it all possible. Amen.
God is with us through trials
"The Lord was with Joseph" Genesis 39:2
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