May I Borrow Your Donkey?
(Palm Sunday)
Do you know what special day today is? It’s Palm Sunday! Today’s the day we remember when
Jesus rode into Jerusalem just before he was crucified. All the people were cheering and
waving palm branches. And do you remember what Jesus was riding on when he came into
the city? A donkey.

But did you ever wonder where that donkey came from? As far as we know Jesus didn't own a
donkey. (And he didn't get it from 1-800 Rent-a-Mule!) So he had to borrow it. Jesus told his
disciples to go to a certain place where they would find a donkey tied up. He told them to untie
it and bring it to him. When the owners saw them untying the donkey, they said, “Hey, what are
you doing?” The disciples said to the owners, “The Lord needs it and will send it back here
shortly” (Mark 11:3
NIV) and the owners said OK.

Now, we don’t know much about the people who owned that donkey. The Bible doesn't tell us
their names. We don’t know if they were friends of Jesus or friends of one of the disciples. The
Bible just doesn't say. We only know two things about them: first, they owned a donkey; and
second, they said “yes” to Jesus. And because they said “yes” to Jesus, their donkey got to be  
the donkey that Jesus rode into Jerusalem!

You see, it pays to say “yes” to Jesus. If you say “yes” to Jesus it will be a blessing to you. He
probably won’t ask you if he can borrow your donkey – most of us don’t even have a donkey!
But he does ask if he can have your heart; and when he does, what should we say? Yes!

Let’s pray about that: Heavenly Father, help us to remember to say “yes” to your Son, Jesus.
We want to give him our whole heart, our soul and our mind. We pray this in his holy name.

Songs: “I Give It All to You”  "Here I Am, Lord"
Say "yes" to Jesus
"The Lord needs it."  Mark 11:3
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