Need a Name Tag?
How do you like my name tag? Pretty cool, huh? It says, “Hello, my name is Steve.” I wore it so
people can tell who I am. That’s why people wear name tags. So other people can tell who they

It reminds me of the time when all the animals in the zoo decided to wear name tags. It was the
giraffe’s idea. She thought it would make it easy for people to tell which animal was which if
they each wore name tags. So the giraffe wore a tag that said, “Hello, I’m a giraffe.” And the lion
wore a tag that said. “Hello, I’m a lion.” And the elephant wore a tag that said, “Hello, I’m an
elephant.” All the animals in the zoo had tags.

But the monkey was a real joker. He loved playing tricks. So one night, when all the animals
were asleep, he went around and switched everyone’s name tags. The next morning when the
zoo opened, the giraffe was wearing a tag that said, “Hello, I’m a zebra.” The lion had a tag that
said, “Hello, I’m an alligator.” And the elephant had a tag that said, “Hello, I’m a penguin.” Of
course, people laughed and laughed when they saw them.

When the animals discovered what had happened, they were very angry with the monkey. But
the monkey said, “Look, we don’t need name tags. People can tell just by looking at us what
kind of animal we are.” Fortunately for the monkey, they all agreed, and they all took off their
name tags.

Well, I got to thinking: what if we all wore name tags that said, “Hello, I’m a Christian.”? Then
people could tell we love the Lord. But, on second thought, maybe the monkey was right. Maybe
people should be able to tell we’re Christians just by watching us. The Bible says, “You will
know them by their fruits”.
(NKJV) It means that if we behave like Christians, people will be able
to tell we’re Christians – even without a name tag!

Let’s pray: Eternal Father, we want to please You and we want to be good witnesses for You, so
please help us to always act in such a way that people will say, “He must be a Christian.” “She
must be a Christian.” We ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen.
Letting people see you're a Christian
"You will know them by their fruits." Matthew 7:16
A name tag saying "Hello, my name is (your name)"
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