Thanksgiving Leftovers
How was your Thanksgiving? Did you get enough to eat? One good thing about Thanksgiving is
that there are usually lots of great leftovers. I mean, Mom cooks a big turkey, but it’s too big to eat
at one meal, so for the next few days you have Thanksgiving leftovers. Have you had
Thanksgiving leftovers at your house?

Well, at some point those leftovers are going to run out because you will have eaten them all.
The turkey will be gone. The mashed potatoes will be gone. The squash will be gone. And the
pie will all be gone. (That usually disappears first!)

Thanksgiving leftovers don't last very long, but there is one thing about Thanksgiving that should
last forever: the thanks. We should have plenty of thanks left over after Thanksgiving. Thanks for
our family, thanks for our friends, thanks for our church family, thanks for our health. Thanks for
all the ways God blesses us. That's the kind of “Thanksgiving leftovers” we need to have every
single day. Psalm 30:12 says, “I will give thanks to thee for ever.” (KJV) It doesn't say, "I will give
thanks only on Thanksgiving." It says

In fact, let’s thank the Lord right now: Heavenly Father, we thank you for all the many ways you
bless us. We especially thank you for your Son, Jesus. Help us to remember to be thankful every
single day. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

Song: “In All Things Give Him Thanks”
Give thanks long after Thanksgiving is over
"I will give thanks to thee for ever." Psalm 30:12 (KJV)
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