The Man on the Donkey
Palm Sunday
Mark 11:1-11
Today’s story is about a man named Amos and his son, Reuben, who was about 7 years old.
They lived many years ago in a city named Hebron, which was about 30 miles away from

One spring day Amos and Reuben, along with thousands of other Jews, decided to travel to
Jerusalem to celebrate a Holy Day called Passover. It was such a long way to walk, they had to
get up well before the sun rose in the morning. It was hot, and the road was very dusty, and
they couldn't wait to get to Jerusalem. They walked all day, and as they came near the city they
noticed a great crowd of people standing by the road. They were curious, so they went over to
see what was going on.

There were so many people there, they couldn't see, so Amos said to Reuben, “I’ll put you on
my shoulders so you can see. Then you can tell me what’s going on.” And he lifted the boy
onto his shoulders.

“What do you see, Reuben,” he asked.

Reuben said, “There’s a man coming down the road. He’s riding a donkey.”

The crowd got louder and louder.

“What’s happening now, Reuben,” Amos said.

“Some people are throwing their coats on the road and other people are laying down palm
branches. And the man and his donkey are riding over them.”

As the man on the donkey rode by, the crowd grew so loud it was almost deafening! When he
rode into the city the crowd followed him, so Amos and Reuben went along with the crowd.

Reuben said to Amos, “Father, what was all that? Who was that man?

Amos said, “I don’t know, son.”

A man walking near them heard them talking and said, “Don’t you know who that was? That
was Jesus, the Messiah, the Son of God!”

Amos and Reuben were stunned. Then Amos said to Reuben, “Reuben, imagine that! You’ve
been blessed to see the Son of God!”

Reuben said, “So have you, father.”

Amos said, “No, Reuben. I couldn't see him from where I was. That’s why I put you on my
shoulders. You see, part of my job as a father is to help you see God.”

Let’s pray: Father God, thank you for sending us your Son, Jesus. Help us to see Him better
and better each day, and help us to help others see him, too. We pray this in His holy name.
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