The Thankful Turkey
I have a picture to show you this morning. It’s a picture of a bird. Do you know what kind of bird that
is? It’s a turkey. And what does a turkey make you think of? Thanksgiving!

You know, Thanksgiving is next week. What are some of the things you like about Thanksgiving?
(Solicit answers such as turkey, mashed potatoes, pie, visiting relatives, etc.)

Well, there are lots of things to like about Thanksgiving, so we really look forward to it. But Mr.
Turkey here is not looking forward to it. He’s worried to death he’ll end up on somebody’s table as
Thanksgiving dinner! Yeow!

But he’s in luck. You see, every year the President of the United States chooses one turkey to give
a pardon to. That means he excuses him from becoming Thanksgiving dinner. And this is the
turkey he chose. So now he can live the rest of his life without worrying.

He’s one lucky turkey! But he’s not as lucky as we are. You see, the President pardoned him from
becoming Thanksgiving dinner, but Jesus pardons us from sin. He says, “You’re forgiven and you
don’t have to worry about it any more.”

Do you think that turkey should be thankful for what the President did for him? I would think so! Do
you think we should be thankful for what Jesus did for us? Definitely! In fact Psalm 107:1 tells us
what we should do: “O give thanks unto the Lord.” (KJV)

Let’s do that now: Father God, thank you for your Son, Jesus. Thank you that because of his
sacrifice we are pardoned from sin. We pray in his holy name. Amen

Song: “Give Thanks”
Be thankful for what Jesus has done for us
"O give thanks unto the Lord" Psalm 107:1 (KJV)
A picture of a turkey
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