What's in a Name
Don't misuse God's name
"You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God." Exodus 20:7 (NIV)
Today’s message is about three little words. They’re words that have become very popular these
days. Hardly a day goes by that you don’t hear someone say them – especially on TV. Whenever
someone is surprised, you just know they’re going to say these three little words: "Oh, my God".

It’s funny how the same words can be good sometimes and bad other times. It all depends on
how you use them. There’s nothing wrong with the word, “Oh.” There’s nothing wrong with the
word, “my”. And there’s certainly nothing wrong with the word, “God”. We talk about God all the
time. (And hopefully your parents talk to you about God.)

So, what’s the big deal about saying, “Oh, my God.”? Well, God himself tells us what the big deal
is. Here in Exodus 20:7 he says, “You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God."

God tells us not to use his name in a wrong way. It’s one of the Ten Commandments.
And Jesus had something to say about it, too. Remember the Lord’s Prayer? “Our Father, who art
in heaven, hallowed be thy name.” Do you know what “hallowed” means? It means holy.

In other words, God’s name is holy, and whenever we use it we should treat it like it’s holy. Now,
if I said to you, “Oh, my God! I love your new shoes!” Would that be treating God’s name like it’s
holy? No!

And people misuse Jesus’ name, too. Often you’ll hear someone who’s angry or frustrated say
the word “Jesus”, like it’s a swear. Would that be treating it like it’s holy? No.

So we need to be careful how we use God’s name and Jesus’ name because, like the song
says, “There’s something about that name.” It’s Holy!

That’s something we should pray about: Our Father, help us to remember that your name is
special and holy. Help us to remember to never use it in a wrong way. We ask this in Jesus’
precious name. Amen.

Song: “There’s Something About that Name”
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