"X" Marks the Spot
(Preparation: Print out the map from the pdf file below. Cut out the “X” and stick it on your Bible.)

I brought something to show you this morning. (Show map.) Do you have any idea what that is?
Right, a treasure map! And do you know what that big “X” is for? The “X” marks the spot where
the treasure can be found.

It looks like this treasure is buried on a tropical island because you can see the water all around
and a boat in the harbor and palm trees here and there. Wouldn't it be fun to go there with this
map and look for that treasure? I wonder what it might be. It might be gold or silver or precious
jewels. That would be nice.

But I also have something else to show you – my Bible. As you can see, it has an “X” marked on
it, too, because “X” marks the spot where the treasure can be found. There’s treasure in the
Bible! But this treasure isn't gold or silver or precious jewels. It’s something more valuable.
Let's see what it says in Proverbs 2:4: “Search for it [wisdom] as for hidden treasure.”

You see, the Bible is where wisdom and the knowledge of God can be found, and that’s much
more valuable than gold or silver. The more we search through the Bible, the more of God’s
treasure we'll find.

Let’s pray about that: Father God, thank you for your Bible. Help us to search every day for the
treasure that’s in it. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

Song: “Thy Word”
Searching for the Bible's treasure
"Search for it [wisdom] as for hidden treasure"  Proverbs 2:4b
Treasure map and a Bible with an "X" on it
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